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About Broken Links Checker

A broken link, also termed a dead link, is a link on a website that leads to a webpage that is no longer available. When the user clicks on a dead link, they will be taken to a page that shows an error message, such as "404 Page Not Found" or "This page is unavailable." Dead links can be frustrating for website visitors, as they can give a bad user experience using the webpage and make it much hard to find the information they are looking for.
Broken links can occur for various reasons may the webpage that the link points to may have been removed or temporarily or permanently moved to a different URL. Alternatively, the link may have been mistyped by the owner of the website who created it, or the website hosting the page may have gone offline also, server down in other words.


So, What is a Broken Link Checker?

A broken link finder is a cloud-based online tool that helps you locate find dead links on your website by crawling your website completely. A broken link is a dead link that leads a user to a webpage that is no longer available or has been moved to a new address. These types of links can be annoying for users and can also negatively impact your website's ranking in SERPs. A broken link detector can help you identify and fix these issues, ensuring that your website provides a smooth and enjoyable user experience to users.

How do I find dead links on the website?

To find broken links on your WordPress website or any website, you can follow this idea.

  1. Use a broken link Detector tool: You can use the Trusted Broken Link Checker tool on the web, like WebGradee's Broken Link Finder and soon.

  2. By Checking server logs: Your server log records everything that is happening to your website, including dead links, You can check your server log and analyze it.

  3. Manually check your website: If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can have a scheduled manual check of your website for broken links. This can be a time-consuming process, but it is a good way to ensure that you haven't missed any broken links. Note: Be More Conscious and Check It wisely.

  4. Use website Grader tool: Few website graders or website audit tools can help you to find broken links, you can use webgradee's website grader to check them and rectify the dead links from the WordPress website.

  5. Check Sitemap: Your website's sitemap has a collection of all the pages on your website. By checking your website sitemap, you can ensure that all the pages listed are still accessible and not links are not dead.

How to use Free Broken Link Checker?

You have to follow a few simple steps mentioned below to use the free broken link checker link effectively:

Step 1: Search for WebGradee SEO Tools and click on the first result also you can visit the website directly by using, then sear search for Broken Link Finder in the search bar or scroll down.

Step 2: After reaching the tool, simply, put your website URL in the box above and click on submit button after filling in the Image Verification credentials.

Step 3: Done! you can see the complete list of the links available on your website with codes by using deadlinkchecker.


To Conclude:

The broken link is a dead link of a webpage that is not available or removed from the website. To find the dead link on a WordPress website or any other website one should you use the Dead Link Checker tool as it is the most effective and fast way to find dead links.


What is a broken link finder?

A broken link finder is cloud-based a tool that helps to locate broken dead links on a website. A webpage that is no longer available or has been moved is termed a broken link.

Is it important to find and fix broken links on my website?

Yes, it is, Broken links can be frustrating for users and negatively impact a website's ranking in SERPs. By finding and fixing deadlinks, you can ensure that your website provides a smooth and enjoyable user experience and performs optimally in search engines.