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Five cats looking around a field.

Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

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Five cats looking around a field.

About Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

Are you a developer, Designer, or Freelancer? Developing a website is hard and Designing a better UI is even harder. A lot of things you have to consider before starting, in the developing steps, and also at last in the completion of project time. You have to build it and provide the best of your work to your client. In that process, you have used lots of blank places to optimize and meet your client's expectations but leaving such paces gives your website a monotonous look or UI that is not much more attractive and appealing. So to fulfill such blank places and give a better attractive final product you can use Dummy Images which shows the proper ideas you have implemented on the website or anywhere else. Dummy Image placeholder generates beautiful dummy images in any size, length, or height. You can use this to fill the blank areas with beautiful dummy images.

So, what is Dummy Image Placeholder?

A fake image placeholder is a high-quality image that has a fixed size placed on the blank spots on the website which gives helps to provide better ideas in visual form to the target person. It has a predetermined shape and size placed on the website to demonstrate the blank spots that can be used for the desired opportunities like Ads Place, For sale Place, and more.

Creating placeholder images online Benefits:-

It's an obvious question, why one should use Dummy Image Placeholder Online? Well, we would like to answer this question, we have curated a list of benefits of using an image place holder. The list is mentioned below:-

  • Improved User Interface
    Instead of leaving the spot blank, one can use dummy images on their website and give better-looking graphics that help to make a good end-user impression and provides a better understanding to the end user. 
  • Better Ideas Presentation
    Clean UI's having fake image placeholders gives users a better idea about the blank spots left for predetermined purposes. For example, a dummy image with size gives an idea to the user that he can use these blank spots for ads in the given size. This help to understand the availability of features more accurately.

What is Dummy Image Placeholder Generator?

Dummy Image Generator is a 100% Free online tool that generates unlimited dummy photos in any size, length, block, or height which helps to run your projects smoothly, fastly, and easily. 


Popular Dummy Images Size

Below is the tabular representation of popular dummy image sizes.

Name Size
              Medium Rectangle                                        300×250                        
Square   250×250
Vertical Rectangle 240×400
Large Rectangle 336×280
Rectangle 180×150
Popunder Ad 720×300
Full Banner 468×60
Half Banner 234×60
Micro Bar 88×31
Button 120×90
Button 2 120×60
Vertical Banner 120×240
Square Button 125×125
Leaderboard 728×90
Wide Skyscraper 160×600
Skyscraper 120×600
Half Page 300×600


How do I create Dummy Image for my project?

Well, this is easy an easy process. You have to follow some steps and your dummy photos will be ready. for your convenience, We have curated a list, you can follow this.

Step #1: Visit zeewaan SEO Tools, you can visit by searching zeewaan SEO tools on Google or Yandex, or also you can also use https://seotools.zeewaan.com.
Step #2: Navigate to the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator on the homepage or also you can search on the search bar.
Step #3: You have put your requirements on the boxes given above like image size, background color, text, and photo type currently JPG, PNG, GIF, and WebP formats are available. You can also insert custom text on the custom text box like Ads, Dummy Image, Your something, and more.
Step #4:
After putting your requirements click on the Copy link button. Congratulations! Your Dummy image is ready to use. 

These are the simple steps you can follow to get your own dummy images in seconds.

Currently, we offer 4 images format for Dummy Images, They are listed below:

  1. JPEG (Joint Photo Graphic Experts Group)
  2. PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  3. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
  4. WEBP

Why do I use zeewaan SEO Tools Dummy Photo Generator?

Using zeewaan SEO Tools Dummy Pics Generator tool gives you a few benefits over other service providers, they are:-

  1. Free 
    Our Tool is 100% Free to operate. We show ads to cover maintenance charges.
  2. Super Fast
    We have hosted our web tools on super fast web servers that optimize the power of our application and give you optimum results. Save your time and increase your productivity.
  3. 100% Uptime 
    We guarantee 24/7 Uptime of our web tools, Forget about any stress of searching for others.
  4. Safe, Secure, and Trusted
    We are motivated to keep our website safe and secure. We have installed high-level security on our website that gives you 100% security and safety. We are trusted by 7548 regular users.
  5. Safe Data Policy 
    We are GDPR Compliant. We do not store any type of data of our users. We have a transparent policy and terms for our beloved users.

Need anything extra? Leave a suggestion. We will improve it.



create placeholder images online faster and more easily with zeewaan SEO tools. No need to worry about data, privacy, and security. Just put your details and your image is ready Copy the URL, and place it anywhere you want. The Dummy image generator is the best online tool to generate images in any format like PNG, JPEG, WEBP, and GIF.  


1. What is an image placeholder?

Image Placeholder is basically a block that is used on blank spots of the websites by the developers to give clear meaning to the available spot.

2. How to add an image placeholder in Html?

To add an image place holder in HTML you have to write this code and replace the image URL and image sizes from the code given below:- 

3. How to make or create an image placeholder?

You have to visit zeewaan SEO Tools and navigate to the dummy image generator tool. After that just put the details and your dummy photo is ready to use. Just click on the copy button.

4. What is the placeholder image in Magento?

The placeholder image is a simple block that is used to represent the idea of why is blank spot is available.